About Us

It started with a wedding..

While I’ve always loved music and had a large music collection, I had not thought of being a disc jockey.

One summer I was asked if I could dj a friends wedding. While it wasn’t the best experience it was a start. I had continued being a dj personally but I had not taken any serious consideration of being anymore than an occasional dj for friends and family.

After completing business school, I was considering a few ventures to make extra money on the side. Then one of my cousins was getting married and need a dj. From there, Affordable Professional Dj Service was created in 2010.

Growing from humble beginnings, Affordable Professional Dj Service grew from obscurity to being one of the top dj companies in the North East Kansas region.

We slowly grew over the years and In 2015 we added our fun filled photo booth and became Affordable Professional Dj Service & Photo Booth.

We continued growing and creating memories. We decided it was time to change so on our company’s anniversary in 2019 we changed our name to Ascension Event Service. This name change is to help with how we have grown and help our clients with our brand.

Our Goal

We want to create lasting memories for your wedding or event! While seasons, change, people get older, venues and businesses close the one thing that will last the longest is the memories you will have of your day. Creating these memories has been our purpose since we began. It is out duty and obligation to create these memories and have your guests talking about your wedding or event for many years afterwards.

Meet the AES Team


Founder & Chief Memory Creator

Marcus is the creator and driving force behind AES.

Marcus is a skilled DJ with over 20 years of DJ experience. When he is not creating memories for his clients, he enjoys scratching on his turntables and playing many genres of music. He is also a chicken wing connoisseur. Marcus enjoys Marvel, Star Wars, Dr Who and My Little Pony


Vice President & Entertainment Coordinator

Jaden is the backbone of AES. He helps behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly. Jaden also keeps the smiles flowing while operating the photo booth.

Jaden enjoys video games, and dance dance revolution

Yoshi the Shiba Inu

Chief Cutenesses Operator

Yoshi specializes in being cute.

Yoshi enjoys long walks, hoomon food and giving judgmental side-eye.

How can we be of service to you

We would love to take the time to meet with you about creating a lasting memory for your wedding or event. Book us today!